In one-on-one Guitar lessons, students typically receive personalized instruction from a guitar teacher. Activities in the classes include learning and practicing specific pieces, using refined techniques, addressing each student’s challenges, and receiving feedback tailored to the student’s progress and goals. Students have options of school, online and home lessons.

Guitar Elementary Stage 1

The Guitar Elementary Stage 1 class is specifically designed for beginners with no prior knowledge on the guitar. This class is aimed at securing a solid foundation of the fundamentals of guitar playing.

Guitar Elementary Stage 2

The Guitar Elementary Stage 2 class introduces students to playing using musical notations, it also allows students to further explore the world of guitar, building their knowledge on the fundamentals learned in Stage 1. The new techniques, fun songs, and interesting curriculum will guide the students into becoming experts.

Guitar Elementary Stage 3

Welcome to Elementary Stage 3 Guitar Class, where young musicians delve into the complex world of music. In this stage, we take a leap into a deeper understanding of the guitar, mastering the art of reading music sheets and embracing advanced musical notations.

Guitar Elementary Stage 4

Welcome to Guitar Elementary Stage 4, the perfect class for students aspiring to sit for both local and international guitar exams, ranging from the initial grade to grade 8. This class offers a tailored curriculum, ensuring a solid foundation for examination success, while also nurturing a genuine passion for guitar playing.

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