What we offer

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Equipment

We’ve got well-equipped practice rooms, recording studios, and access to various instruments that are attractive to students looking for a comprehensive music education experience.

Yearly Summer Camp

we’ve got a yearly summer event that the children always look forward to. It’s a five weeks program and we integrate other aspects of arts like Chess, craft and others, we also feature group playings, duets, trios, orchestra and choir.


We have developed a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of musical instruments and genres. Our students have the opportunity to learn instruments such as piano, guitar, violin, drums, and more. We also offer vocal training, music theory, and ensemble playing to foster a well-rounded musical education.

Our Teachers

We have assembled a team of experienced and passionate music instructors who are dedicated to nurturing the talents of our students. Our instructors possess expertise in their respective instruments and have a track record of successfully imparting musical knowledge and skills. Performances and Events:

Performance Opportunities

Every September we organize concerts, recitals, and community events to provide our students with performance opportunities. These events showcase the progress and achievements of our students, while also fostering community engagement and cultural exchange. We have used halls like the school compound, MUSON center , Radisson Blu amongst others.

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