Private Sessions With Goodness

Goodness Chinyaka is also available for one on one private sessions on Piano, Clarinet, Saxophone, Music Theory, Mentoring and other Music Consultations.

Her vision encompasses a commitment to excellence in both music education and performance, fostering a dynamic and inclusive environment where creativity thrives, and musicians are equipped to make a lasting impact in the world of music.

Individual and group tuition online

Lessons can be delivered online or in person for those living in Dunfermline, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Private tuition is offered in the following subjects:

  • Piano: Beginners up to Grade 8 and Diploma ABRSM
  • Clarinet: Beginners up to Grade 8 ABRSM
  • Saxophone: Beginners up to Grade 6 ABRSM
  • Theory of Music: Beginners up to Grade 8 ABRSM
  • Mentorship
  • Music Consultation


Styles of Lessons Taught :

Option to record lesson for later review

Ages Taught:

5 years and over

Course Director: Goodness Chinyaka


  • DBS Certified for all ages
  • Diploma in Piano Studies MUSON
  • Bachelor’s in Music Education, Miami, Florida
  • ABRSM Piano Grade 8
  • ABRSM Piano Diploma
  • ABRSM Clarinet Grade 8
  • ABRSM Saxophone Grade 5
  • Theory Grade 7

Trial Lessons

  • The trial lesson is offered without obligation on either party. If you decide to go ahead with lessons, then the trial lesson is billed as lesson 1 of the block, otherwise no fee is payable for the trial lesson.


  • Fees are payable in advance at any time right up to the day before the first lesson of a block.
  • No refund will be given after the commencement of the course, however if you are unavoidably unable to complete a course such as through illness or bereavement, you may be given a credit to complete the course at a later time.

Missed Lessons

  • Block bookings offer a substantial discount on the presumption of one lesson per week, or schedule of dates otherwise mutually agreed in advance at the start of the block. Lessons missed with less than 48 hours notice are forfeited. Lessons missed due to unavoidable circumstances such as illness should be rescheduled to another mutually convenient day and time.


The following are assumed:

  • You have a webcam and microphone that works with a two-way video communication.
  • You will work on assigned tasks between the lessons.
  • If you are studying piano, Clarinet or Saxophone, you have access to an instrument that you can practise on between lessons.
    • You agree to screen sharing during the meeting.


Duration1 lesson5 lessons10 lessons
½ hour$31$146 (save $9)$280 (save $30)
40 minutes$44$191 (save $29)$370 (save $70)
1 hour$57$242 (save $43)$459 (save $111)
90 minutes$82$370 (save $47.50)$676 (save $144)
2 hours$95$459 (save $15)$880 (save $70)

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